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Passport & Visa

Your passport has to be valid 6 months from your date of entry into Vietnam. We advise you to keep a photocopy of your passport somewhere separate. Visitors must get a visa to enter in the country. Tour East Vietnam can support you to obtain the visa. For more information, please visit the visa section. 


The official currency in Vietnam is the Dong (VND). It is possible to pay by Visa and Mastercard in some hotels, restaurant and large store in big cities but most of the time people pay by cash. You can withdraw money from ATMs which are widely available in town. 


The traffic in Vietnam is busy and it may look like dangerous to cross the road but it is slow. Don’t be afraid and do like locals: cross the road slowly and shake your hand at waist height. You will find several different transports in Vietnam:

Taxis are a popular way to move around in town for a reasonable price: a 10 minutes journey will cost you around 50.000 VND in day time. We advise to choose reputable company such as Mai Linh or Vina Sun.

Cyclo is an uncommon and fun way to move in town for a short journey. It costs around 100.000 per journey.

Motorbike Taxis (“Xe om”) are cheaper than usual taxis but also less safe. Drivers are unlicensed and we don’t recommend you to use this kind of transport. Please note that this kind of transport is usually not covered by insurance.

















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